We are trying our hardest to reduce the amount of waste being produced by our hotels, and our aim is to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we can be. By everyone making small changes, we can maintain the beauty of Amed.

  • Bali is running out of water, please be mindful of your shower lengths.
  • Please try and reuse your plastic water bottles. We provide a FREE cold water refill service through the restaurant. The water is bought in larger containers and is completely safe to drink. Think of it as an extra-large water bottle!
  • Don’t use plastic bags unless you absolutely have to; carry a reusable bag, or bring your own plastic bag. There is no plastic recycling plant in Bali.
  • You will notice we do not use straws in our restaurant. This is a conscious decision made because of the environmental impact straws have on our planet. If you do need a straw, please ask for one (we carry a few corn starch straws), or if you only need something to stir with, please ask for a stirrer!

  • Please do not throw your rubbish onto a pile of rubbish unless it is in a bin. Often rubbish here is burnt and we are working with locals to slowly change this behaviour.
  • If you see rubbish in the ocean and have the inclination to do so, please pick some of it up. Some local residents and scuba divers try to clean up each time they are out in the ocean, but this area can, at times, collect a lot of rubbish due to its positioning between the Indian and Pacific oceans.
  • We work closely with PEDULI ALAM and TRASH HEROES to keep this area clean and every little bit counts. If you would like to volunteer at any stage, for any length of time, please feel free to let our front office staff know and we can organise it for you.

We would like you to enjoy your stay with us as much as possible; relax by the pool or beach, drink, eat and be merry! We will endeavour to make this a holiday you will never forget. And if you have any problems, please remember, we are always here to help you, no matter the time of day or night!

Much love and welcome to our slice of paradise!

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