Have you ever wanted to explore the intrigues of the underwater world? Amed boasts some of the easiest to access and beautiful dive sites, with flourishing coral gardens and multitude of marine life.

Eurodive can provide you with a safe space to learn how to SCUBA dive with one of the oldest PADI licenses in Amed, and a well-respected and reputable company. Be it a discovery dive for your first time, completing an accredited course, or just a fun dive for the experienced diver, Eurodive can provide all you need to make it happen.

This Amed/Tulemben area has a lot to offer and suits all levels of diver.

Ship wreck dive sites

U.S.A.T Liberty

The world famous U.S. A.T. liberty wreck in Tulamben sank in 1942; it first set sail in 1918 as a transport ship between France and America, shipping livestock and other required goods for trade. During WWII the Liberty was commissioned by the Navy to transport railway tracks from Australia to the Philippines, it was subsequently torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in the Lombok Straits. The initial plan was to unload the cargo in Singaraja (in the north of Bali) however the ship took too much water and had to be beached in Tulamben to save what was left of the cargo.

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Kubu – Boga Wreck

5km north of Tulamben Bay is Kubu, another ship, but this one purpose sunk; the Boga wreck. Built by the Dutch in 1952 it was used by Indonesian government as a patrol boat. This ship was sunk in 2012 to create an artificial reef with the aim to attract both marine life and divers. It lies at a depth between 20 to 40 meters, only 300 meters off the shore. With a length of 28 meters it is much smaller than the liberty wreck however the main difference is that the Boga wreck is still a whole ship. It offers the ability to enter through the hull and explore the inside of the ship where you can find statues, cars and even a captain wheel.

Japanese Shipwreck

The third wreck which can be found in Banyuning near Lipah is the Japanese wreck. Very little is known about this wreck. The general belief is that it was a Japanese patrol boat which sank during the World War. It is a 20 m steel wreck and is located in shallow waters at a depth of 2 to 12 meters mere meters off the beach. At this site a lot of soft corals can be found and highly recommended for night dives due to the diverse night marine life living in the wreck. Due to the shallow depth it is also well suited for snorkelers who may accompany their family members who are diving.

Macro diving

 Enthusiasts of macro diving have the opportunity to spot tiny critters such as the pygmy seahorses, ghost pipe fishes, nudibranchs or frogfishes along the coast from Amed to Tulamben. Several dive sites like Lipah beach, Melasti or Sidem which are all accessible from the shore offer some of the best “muck diving” in Bali, and is world renowned as a good spot to find many nudibranch species.

Big fish diving

Not so much into the little fish? We also have the big fish! Napoleon Wrasses, Barracudas, Bumphead Parrotfish and even reef sharks can be found in this area; in 2016/2017 there was also a couple of Whale Sharks living in the waters between Tulamben and Amed.

Dive sites such as Bunutan, Deep Blue or the Drop off at Tulamben offer the greatest chance to spot larger marine life; due to currents, these dive sites are mostly accessed by using a local fishing boat (jukung) for a short ride.

Located just next door to Coral View Villas (or a 200m walk from Hidden Paradise Cottages) we welcome you to drop into the dive shop if you have further questions about diving, dive sites, or just to get to know us. We are happy to explain you in detail what a typical diving day can look like, medical constraints, and discuss marine life in depth!

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