Driver and Scooter Hire – non-negotiable prices billed direct to room rates

Prices to hire a driver and scooter are available from the front office. Please look at our printed handout for prices of the various destination options. All transactions will be added directly on your room bill. Please do not pay cash to the driver or front office staff. You will be given a receipt for your transaction at the time of booking. The hotel takes no responsibility for scooters hired by guests, but we do advise that if you are not experienced in riding a scooter to refrain, or at the least exercise extreme caution. Always wear your helmet, stay on the left side of the road, and drive cautiously.

Local Interaction Tips

In western culture it is polite to say “maybe later”, “I’ll think about it” or “I’ll come back” if you are not interested. These words do not have the same meaning in Indonesia, and can be misconstrued that you will purchase something or hire equipment from that particular person. If you make an agreement with someone and you change your mind, please talk to that person directly. The hotel is only responsible for our staff while they are working (we are not affiliated with the massage ladies or the snorkeling/boat hire) and any internal transactions. Any transaction outside of the hotel is at the discretion and responsibility of the guest. If you need help with an interpreter, please contact one of our managers, who will be happy to assist.

Beach and Rubbish

A regular beach clean-up crew cleans the beach. However, during rainy season or large swells, large amounts of rubbish can wash up on our shores. During exceptionally large rains, rubbish washes down streams and rivers into the ocean; the Lombok Straight connects the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with some rubbish collecting on the shores of Amed. While this may not happen that often, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this except be mindful of our own rubbish disposal and continue beach clean-ups with renewed energy and passion!

TRASH HEROES AMED, in conjunction with PEDULI ALAM, is a local volunteer organisation that organises weekly beach clean ups throughout Amed every week. It is a nice afternoon activity to meet locals and expats alike, and see parts of Amed you may not have a chance to see usually. Check out the Trash Heroes Amed Facebook page for more details.

Peduli Alam has a shop just up the road in Lipah, which sells re-purposed rubbish. They make hand bags, tote bags, boxes, and a variety of other items from rubbish that has been recycled. The proceeds from this are used to support local women who make the bags, rubbish bins around Amed, as well as rubbish disposal.

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