Self Care


As we approach wet season, but are not yet getting rain, you may notice it is getting quite a bit warmer. The humidity levels start to sky rocket, it is hot, sticky, and oppressive. How to combat this?

If everyone puts their airconditioning on at the same time, there is an electricity dip and they underperform. As it is so hot, they do take much longer to start letting out cold air and cooling your room. This is an issue in the area, but simple steps can help you survive.

First- have a cold shower or swim in the pool or ocean. A simple solution that can also be fun! Take time to snorkel, or lounge in the pool, frequent dips make the heat much more bearable.

Second- if you are going to be inside and the airconditioning is not cooling as fast as you want it to be, wet a sarong or t-shirt and wear that inside. The wet material with a little breeze cools the body considerably.

Third- Drink lots of cold water! Cold water when ingested internally cools the body and it does make you feel better. Sweat is the bodies natural way to try cool down, so make sure you top up your liquids to ensure you do not dehydrate. Note: if yor lips are dry, you definitely need more water! Otherwise check out this following website for more information on dehydration

Self Care


During dry season (June-September), there are almost no mosquitoes about. This happens due to 2 main reasons; first, it is the windy season, so not many can fly about in the strong winds, and second, it seldom rains. Because it is so dry, pockets of water dry up quickly, and as it does not rain, those same areas are not refilled.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so you will see many lotus pots filled with small fish that eat the larvae to stop this from happening. These little spots of water exist everywhere; spare tyre, an unused bucket, a dark damp corner of the garden, below stacks of tiles or building equipment, even in a dense clump of bushes where the ground does not dry. These are all enough to create a breeding ground for mosquiotes. As the wet season approaches, with the rains brings more mosquito breeding areas, and therefore more mosquitoes.

How can you protect yourself?

Always wear mosquito repellant, whether it’s day or night. Many people think DEET filled repellants will work because it’s so strong, but for some reason it does not work that well here. A locally bought alternative (Autan or Soffel) is lighter and less oily, but more efficient, and a more pleasant smell.

Use your mosquito net.

Just undo the ties and your mosquito net will cover your bed!

Use your Electric Mosquito “Mat”.

Each room will be equipped with a little electric mosquito plug in. You slide the infused bug spray “mat” in it, and plug it into the wall. This will then diffuse a pleasantly smelling bug spray throughout the room.

Use your “Baygon Bakar”, mosquito coil.

When you are on your veranda, you will have access to a mosquito coil that you can light or will be lit for your dailiy to repel mosquitoes whilst you enjoy your veranda.

Hopefully this helps you with your mosquito woes, feel free to ask the staff for more information!