All guests are provided with an internet login upon check-in. If it is about to expire, please feel free to pick up another from the front office. The login codes are sufficient for two devices, multiple logins are available.

Whilst being located in a rural location with only one service provider, the internet connection has possibilities of being unstable. Please be patient at these times and enjoy your tropical holiday.


Our beautiful furniture in the rooms and restaurant is mostly antique, designed and hand made here in Bali, from locally grown and aged teak wood.

Sheets and towels are changed every 2 days (unless otherwise specified by guests). If you would like towels changed daily, please place them on the shower floor.

Plug converters are available to borrow from the front office, as is a table top fan. A safe is available in each room with full instructions. If you have a problem opening or locking your safe, please don’t hesitate to ask the front office or housekeeping for assistance.  

Please note that any breakages or missing room items will be charged to your bill at the time of, or after, check-out, after our final room inspection.

An electric mosquito “coil” is provided in all rooms. The optimum time to plug it in (make sure the mat is new) is just before sunset. The mosquitoes tend to disappear an hour after sunset. You can plug in then, close your doors, and sleep easy knowing you should not have mosquitoes in your room.

If you run out of hot water, please let us know! We have to use gas bottles so it is possible that your bottle has run out but it is easily, and quickly, replaced!

Sun Cream

Please note that the sun can be deceptive in Bali; you will not always feel the burn of the sun as you would in other countries, especially when there is a breeze. Please take care whenever you are out in the direct sun.

Apply sun cream at least 20 minutes before entering the water for optimal coverage; any less time and your sun cream is not properly absorbed. If snorkeling, do not forget the back of your knees, ears, and back of neck. Guests with short hair are advised to wear hat protection as well.

Please be aware that SPRAY ON SUN CREAM and TANNING LOTIONS have yellow colouring and it stains clothing and sheets. We kindly ask all guests to not sit on beds or immediately use towels upon application of these sun creams. We thank you for your consideration.

Air Conditioning

Every room has it’s own well maintained and well running air conditioning. Our in-house engineers clean them regularly, and bi-yearly we get maintenance from an external servicing specialist company. We aim to provide you with the most comfortable sleeping experience possible.

Electricity in Amed can be unstable. The hotel is equipped with backup generators which we use when there are black outs, but at peak times you may find the power insufficient for all your appliances. The most noticeable times are 11am-6pm daily with air conditioning use. If your air conditioning is on during these times, you will notice the power dipping and a lower output; your air conditioning will feel hot rather than cold and will take much longer to cool your room.

A number of factors contribute to this; the humidity and heat, unstable electricity, increased use of electricity (mostly A/C use) and positioning of the sun (direct light contact on your room). After sunset, you’re A/C will return to normal. If it is still hot, please contact front office immediately and we will endeavor to get it fixed as fast as possible.

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