Touring the east!

What is there to see on the east coast of Bali? Well, this side of Bali has so much to offer, and much of it is just being discovered by tourists.

We have Lempuyang temple, one of Bali’s most instagrammed temples as one of the gates looks over Gunung Agung. There is Besakih temple situated at the base of Gunung Agung, the “Mother Temple” and is one of the most prayed at temples in Bali.

We have 2 water palaces, one is a formal water palace, Ujung, with a beautiful landscaped garden, sweeping steps, and man made lake. The other is a more locally used palace with large Koi fish, more nature based landscape, and a fresh water pool open for swimming.

Within a couple of hours drive, we have waterfalls, some of which require a guide, and usually a short walk to get to it. Absolutely stunning all year around, the waterfalls are well worth the extra bit of effort to get to. I have listed the names of some of the closer ones.

    Yeh Mampeh
    Tukad Cepung

In the Amed region there is natural sea salt making, and you can visit the farms to see how it is made. These spots are beachside and gives you an idea of how much work goes into making salt, with the minor use of modern equipment.

The east coast is also very well known for its’ diving and snorkeling. With coral gardens just off the beach and hardly any current, this area is one of the best for learning to dive, getting a dive certificate, and snorkeling with children or hestitant swimmers. Gentle seas, hardly any waves, and underwater beauty within 2 meters of the shoreline, it doesn’t get much better than this. Check out our section on Eurodive for more diving information.