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Bali has many faces…

Whilst travelling around Bali, you can easily forget that it has many faces and a whole variety of things to do. From religious sites and ceremonies, to scuba diving and hiking, to shopping, and amazing food and drink options! Every area of Bali has something unique to offer you.

The far west of Bali is the least touched by western culture. You will meet more locals and see less western foods and tourist activities.

Heading north west of Bali is Pemuteran and Menjangan Island. These are wonderful scuba diving spots and very quiet in terms of tourist places.

Moving to the north of Bali is Lovina, a Dutch colonisation that is popular with retirees. Not to say there is nothing to do, it is a beautiful area with lovely sunsets and many sea based activities (like sunset cruise or fishing).

The north west, north, and heading into the north east you can find many waterfalls and hidden gems for exploration.

The east brings you to the Karangasem region, where Amed is. We have plenty of snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving, hiking, and relaxation. We also have some awesome temples and palaces.

To the center of Bali is Gunung Agung with Besakih (Mother Temple of Bali) at the base of the volcano. Ubud is a short trip away and is the cultural hub of Bali as it is where the Royal Family traditionally resides. This area is well known for their waterfalls, temples, traditional ceremonies and performances, terraced rice fields, and adventure activities.

The south of Bali is where all the tourists come to play. From Canggu, to Seminyak, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, and up to Sanur, you will find your spot. Nusa Dua is where the 5 star resorts are, Sanur is quieter and a better spot for older people and people with young children. The beaches are calm and shallow, there is one main road, and it’s very safe. Sanur also has market shopping, upmarket shopping, small bars and a wide range of restaurants (in terms of price and flavours). Uluwatu is for the surfers, the biggest waves and breaks are to be found, but definitely not for beginners. There are many secret beach spots, many of which require climbing down some hidden stairway into an almost private beach paradise. Canggu is hipster heaven, everyone is a yoga instructor or a surfer or tattoo artist, you will find your fill of cafe racers/vintage bikes, hippy/surfie/indy clothes shopping, plus amazing dining and super cool bars and cafes. Kuta is full of Australian tourists looking for a cheap holiday and cheap chopping. It offers parties, parties, and more parties. Australias version of Ibiza (for the Europeans) or Cancun (For Americans). Lastly, Seminyak. Seminyak offers beach clubs, fine dining, galleries, upscale bars and restaurants, up market party spots, and awesome breakfast haunts. The shopping is decent and most people will find a part of it they like, but beware of traffic. It gets incredibly congested around the southern areas of Bali.

So there you go, a little break down of Bali! Keep an eye on our facebook and instagrams over the next few weeks for activities and sights available in some of these places as I holiday around Sanur, Uluwatu, Canggu, and Ubud for a week. ✌️


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Self Care


As we approach wet season, but are not yet getting rain, you may notice it is getting quite a bit warmer. The humidity levels start to sky rocket, it is hot, sticky, and oppressive. How to combat this?

If everyone puts their airconditioning on at the same time, there is an electricity dip and they underperform. As it is so hot, they do take much longer to start letting out cold air and cooling your room. This is an issue in the area, but simple steps can help you survive.

First- have a cold shower or swim in the pool or ocean. A simple solution that can also be fun! Take time to snorkel, or lounge in the pool, frequent dips make the heat much more bearable.

Second- if you are going to be inside and the airconditioning is not cooling as fast as you want it to be, wet a sarong or t-shirt and wear that inside. The wet material with a little breeze cools the body considerably.

Third- Drink lots of cold water! Cold water when ingested internally cools the body and it does make you feel better. Sweat is the bodies natural way to try cool down, so make sure you top up your liquids to ensure you do not dehydrate. Note: if yor lips are dry, you definitely need more water! Otherwise check out this following website for more information on dehydration