What to do in an emergency!

With earthquakes and an active volcano a part of holidaying in Bali at the moment, it is always a good idea to have emergency plans in place for all outcomes. Below is our recommendations for what you should do in a couple of different emergency situations.


In the event of an earthquake, please calmly but quickly exit the building (if it is safe to do so), and meet in a central location away from buildings. At both Hidden Paradise Cottages and Coral View Villas this is at the pool area or at the beach.

Please be aware of roof tiles and wall tiles, as they can come loose and cause injury. Do not stop just outside of a building, you should always move more than 3m away from any building during an earthquake.

If you do not have time to leave a building, please take cover BESIDE a bed or solid piece of furniture. If there is a roof collapse and you are lying down/sitting next to a piece of furniture, it should create a relatively safe triangular space that you can hide in.

Please remember that most earthquakes do not happen individually. Usually aftershocks will occur within a half hour of the first earthquake, and then smaller ones for the next 24 hours. A member of staff is always monitoring the situation, especially at this time where they happen often, and will instruct you on the next steps to take.


If a large enough earthquake does occur, all of our hotel managers recieve an update from the government about a potential tsunami warning. This will trigger our emergency evacuation plan.

Step 1- Notification to all guests.

As tsunami warnings usually follow large earthquakes, we will be active and around the hotel notifying guests if there is a tsunami warning. If there is, step 2 will be actioned immediately.

Step 2- Gathering of essential items.

All guest will be asked to get essential items from their room. These items are to be limited to 1 bag per room that they carry themselves.

Passports, wallets, phones (if they are easily accessed), water bottles from room, towels or long sleeved shirts. These items are only to be taken if you can collect them quickly and efficiently. If it will take longer than 2 minutes to gather all items, please leave them in your room and proceed to the agreed meeting point in front of the hotel.

Step 3- Going to higher ground.

All guests will be asked to go to higher ground at this point. There are 3 paths that can be taken to reach higher ground, all within easy walking distance.

The first 2 paths to access is on the road. Lipah is a bay, so on either end of Lipah bay you do go up to a small hill as you enter/exit the bay.

The main path we will recommend using is one that goes directly up the hill. In the absolute center of Lipah bay, there is a path leading to the top of the hill. The easiest way to find this path is to exit your hotels and find the sign Warung Jonny. You can follow this path uphill until a member of staff tells you it is a safe space.

From Coral View, please exit the hotel, with the ocean behind you, turn right and another 50m is the Warung Jonny sign where you turn left and go up hill.

Fome Hidden Paradise, you exit the hotel, with the beach behind you, turn left and walk 50m. On the right side of the road you will find the Warung Jonny sign, follow that path up the hill until a staff member tells you it is a safe space.

Gunung Agung eruption

Should the volcano erupt, it should also come with earthquakes. Please follow the earthquake proceedures as well as the following instructions.

It is unlikely that we, in Lipah, will be effected by lava, flash floods, or gases emitted from Gunung Agung. But we are likely to be hit with ash. In the event of an eruption and you are outside, please take a a tshirt/scarf, wet it with water, and tie this around your nose and mouth. The use of sunglasses is recommended. For most part, we have been told to remain inside as much as possible while the air is full of ash. At this stage, if you have not already done so, we would request that you notify family that you are safe, and your embassy, so they can account for all of their citizens and arrange evactuation, should the need arise.

After that, we will wait for word from the Indonesia govenment, or your respective embassies on how to proceed.

Many apps are available (free and paid), to monitor the earthquake situation. You will recieve updates on earthquakes as they occur within the Indonesian region.

Thank you for your patience during these times, it will certainly be a holiday you will never forget! Feel free to contact us through our social media pages (via direct message) for more information or just to have a chat.

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